Member Information


Rehearsal Site:

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, 12700 West Howard Ave. in New Berlin
It's just a few minutes off the freeway.

Weekly Rehearsal Schedule:

Regular weekly rehearsals are held on Tuesday evening at 7 PM. They normally run until 9 PM, with one break about halfway through the rehearsal. Rehearsals begin around the third week of August and run through spring. (Rehearsal schedules are given to all members.)


Attendance to all rehearsals is required. The section leaders take attendance each week. If you have an emergency absence (such as an illness) or a planned absence (such as an out-of-town trip) please contact your section leader and inform him or her of the rehearsal(s) you will miss. The further in advance you notify your section leader the better. Two excused absences are allowed before each concert.

Attendance to Dress rehearsals is mandatory. Any absences from dress rehearsals must be worked out with the music director prior to the rehearsal if at all possible. Missing a dress rehearsal causes you to miss important information for the performance. Unexcused absence from a dress rehearsal will make you ineligible to perform the concert.

Excessive absences give the director the right to exclude you from concert performance. If you miss a dress rehearsal and the director still allows you to perform, it is your responsibility to get any information you may have missed from your section leader.

Additional Saturday or weekday evening rehearsals may be scheduled if it is deemed necessary by the director.

Dress Rehearsal Schedule:

The dress rehearsal schedule varies from concert to concert. For Sunday concerts the dress rehearsals are usually held the Tuesday and the Saturday before a concert. The Tuesday rehearsal is at the regular Tuesday evening time, but is usually held at the concert site instead of the rehearsal site. Saturday rehearsals are always at the concert site.

Rehearsal Etiquette:

Our rehearsals are somewhat informal in style. Yet we pride ourselves on intelligent and professional behavior to enhance the rehearsal process. Maintaining focus on the director and the music are the key factors.

Arriving early allows you to chat with other choir members and to turn your focus toward the rehearsal at the appropriate time. Arriving late is a distraction to the director and other members of the choir.

Occasional jokes or witty remarks are also part of our rehearsal style. On the other hand, conversations among groups of people during rehearsal or other sideline activities may be very disrupting.

Questions and comments are a welcome part of the rehearsal process. There are times when instructions given by the director are unclear, or there may be problems "finding notes", or you may even have a helpful suggestion. At such times a question or comment is completely appropriate.

Members should refrain from making critical comments regarding the musical or vocal skill of other members. Addressing individual member's weaknesses is the responsibility of the director.

Always bring a pencil (with eraser) to rehearsals.

Questions or interruptions at dress rehearsals must be kept to those that are of critical importance.

We rely on your courtesy and good judgment in these matters.

Leave of Absence:

If you will be gone for an extended period of time please work this out with the director. If you know you will miss too many rehearsals to perform in a given concert you should request to take a "leave of absence". This maintains your status with the choir so that you can simply return to rehearsals after the concert in which you will not participate. After obtaining permission for a leave of absence from the director, notify your section leader of the rehearsals and concert you will miss.

Concert Dress Code:

Women are required to wear an all-black floor length dress (no more than 4" off floor). It may be one or two pieces. It must have long sleeves. The neckline must be no lower than one inch below the collarbone; it may be a mock turtle, rounded collar or v-neck. If top buttons, buttons must be black. Dress fabric may not be patterned or shiny (i.e. no taffeta, Lurex). Black hose and black dress shoes. No shiny buttons, buckles, etc. worn in front. Long black dress slacks may be worn instead of a skirt. Small stud earrings are allowed - no dangling or reflective ones. Hair ties and barrettes must be small and subtle.

Men are required to wear a black tuxedo with a white wingtip collar shirt, a black bow tie, black dress shoes and black socks.

DO NOT wear alarm watches. If you wear a watch avoid looking at it during the performance.

DO NOT wear perfume, cologne, scented after-shave lotion, scented hair spray, or scented deodorant. Many people have sensitivities or allergies to these products. Please be considerate of your choir neighbors.

Please talk to your section leader or the Personnel Manager if you have any questions about the Concert Dress Code.

Music Folders:

Rigid black music folders are required for all concerts.

Concert Call:

Depending on the director's requirements concert call is anywhere from one to two hours before the actual performance. The director announces call time during the last dress rehearsal prior to the concert. Punctuality is critical. You should be completely dressed in concert attire before the call time, as there may not be a break of sufficient length for any last minute preparations.

Have all of your music in order before call time. It can cause much frustration to you and much distraction to the choir if you do not have your music in order before call. You probably will not have time to get it in order before the concert. Then it could also cause you confusion or even embarrassment during the performance