Join the Choir

Auditions: Tuesdays or by appointment with the director.

Auditions for the choir are held throughout the year. All auditions are private auditions with the director, Brian McLinden.

During the audition the director will check the singer’s range, vocal quality, vocal control and general musicianship. No prepared material is required.

Auditions are normally held on Tuesday evenings at the rehearsal site. Since Tuesday evenings are the choir’s normal rehearsal night, the auditions will be held either prior to rehearsal (from 7:00-7:15 PM) or during the choir’s rehearsal break (approximately 8:15 PM). Anyone who auditions is welcome to sit through the rehearsal to get a “feel” for the director and the group.

If an audition is accepted the singer will be able to join the choir for the next concert for which he or she will be able to attend at least seven rehearsals (or as determined by the director).

For more information about the choir call David Wihowski at 414-587-1624. To schedule an audition call the director at 262-821-3968.

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